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Chaotic Uncertainty
Immanuel Wellerstein
Kopernik Kitap

Immanuel Wallerstein is one of the most important and yet controversial thinkers and activists of our time, writing on a wide range of topics from global economics and international politics to the decline of the United States, antisystemic movements, multiculturalism and the role of religions in modern world since the 1950s. Currently, he is a Senior Research Scholar at Yale University.

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To Wallerstein, capitalist world-system, which was created over the last ve hundred years, and whose main ideology was liberalism, has been going through a deep structural crisis since the 1970s. He maintains that this system will be replaced by other and perhaps better systems in the mid- or long run. In his works in last few decades, Wallerstein has devoted almost all of his energy and time analyzing and explaining how the capitalist system could be replaced by a better system. In that regards, he considers Islamism as one of the most important dissenting movements in the World-System, but necessarily as a powerful force to replace it.

This volume contains Wallerstein’s articles and commentaries on Islam, the Middle East and the World-System, all of which were published since the “Arab Spring”.

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